The ROMANELLA LTD, is a limited company, it operates in the production and distribution of non-alcoholic drinks since 1976.

It was founded by Giacomo Gatto who, after a careful analysis of local market, understanding the trend of the moment, which saw a strong expansion in the consumption of non-alcoholic drinks, decided to take on the challenge!

In particular, it owes its success to the ability to move with the times and to adapt itself to the market conditions in order to guarantee innovative products under the profile of quality and taste to the consumer.

The essential and qualifying cornerstones of the company are the main attention to professionalism in service, the precise observance of legislative rules in tune with appropriate safety standards and the most compliance with the agreements entered with customers.

The establishment boasts of a well-advanced productive structure with very modern hightech system and either a furnished chemical laboratory for the products’ training. In a special way for the preparation of a lightly sparkling nonalcoholic drink “Siesta”, made with express coffee, obtained by the manufacturing of slowly roasted coffee mixture which give to the drink a soft and fragrant taste.

Siesta is a pasteurized product so a kind of long-life without any addition of additives and/or preservatives.

As well as the Siesta, the production includes gassosa, chinotto, tonic water, spuma, citron juice, super gassosa, ginger, lemon juice, bergamot gassosa, everythings rigourously in glass bottles.

The ROMANELLA DRINKS LTD thanks to a managerial parameter management and either to a diversified production in order to quality and quantity, places itself, in the entire south of Italy, among the leaders companies in the field, in the national territory.

In future the company aims to consolidate the reached position and, possibly, to broaden its range towards to new potential market areas.

Drink Romanella Drinks S.r.l. - About UsDrink Romanella Drinks S.r.l. - About UsDrink Romanella Drinks S.r.l. - About Us